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Slack: Easy Setup Instructions to Connect your Law Firm

Below are instructions along with screenshots of what you should see as you follow along Slack's process.  The images below are meant to help guide you so please don't confuse them with actual links.  I do include links to download the Slack app towards the bottom.  
  1. CLICK HERE to Start: - Create your Slack Account using your work email
    Slack- 1 - Enter Email
  2. Create your Work Space
    Slack - 2 - Name your Company
  3. Create your first Channel (Project name, Team Name, etc)
    Slack - 3 - Projects or Channel Name
  4. Invite Team Members (you don't have to invite everyone immediately, so you can skip this or just add a couple people initially).
    Slack - 4 - Invite Team members
  5. You have successfully added your first Work Space, Channel and Team Members!  
  6. Download the Slack App (should give you Mac or Windows options)
  7. Add this Work Space to your App (After you download the app, from the Web Page....)Slack - 7 - Open in App
  8. Begin Messaging with your team using the app!
    If you have any questions or problems getting this setup, please email me at or you can text me at 512-576-9531 and I'll do my best to help you out.  
    Once you use Slack for a while, your team will never want to go back to the old ways of working together!