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Personal Injury Marketing Ideas

Advertising in the world of personal injury law is no easy task. The competition is fierce and the landscape is crowded. Remaining relevant in the market in order to create more presence and ultimately gain more clients takes effort. People are injured regularly, and constantly need an attorney to turn to, yet what can you do to help make their decision-making process? If you want to work smarter not harder, there are a few marketing ideas to consider in order to increase your client base the efficient way.

Become More Social

Becoming more social, both on and offline can create more visibility for your firm and in turn more opportunity to gain clients. Today’s advertising and marketing world largely focuses on the online space, and for good reason. More and more individuals are turning to search engines and social media each day to vet potential attorneys they are considering hiring. Whether they are finding you organically or whether they are searching for you specifically due to a referral from a friend, they are seeking representation and need to find you. This marketing idea is two fold, because not only do potential clients need to find you online, they need to like what they see. This means your contact information should be easy to find, are must exemplify what value your services will provide them. For example, have you created a few blogs discussing your credibility and perhaps recent cases you have won? The majority of the online world focuses on giving rather than getting, so put yourself in your client’s shoes and post and discuss what you think they would find valuable.

Turn Conversations Into Clients

Some personal injury attorneys struggle with the ability to get people to their website. Some personal attorneys have an abundance of traffic, however they struggle with converting website visitors into clients. If you are getting clients to your website yet wondering why the phone isn’t ringing, there may be a few reasons. They may not be finding what they are looking for. Either their questions aren’t being answered or they aren’t seeing what value your services could provide them. Both of these problems can be resolved by offering a Live Chat system. A Live Chat platform allows a representative to connect with them instantly and discuss any questions they may have. Rather than leaving these questions unanswered or allowing opportunity for them to explore other options, you will be able to connect with them and turn conversations into clients. A Live Chat system can also encourage appointment setting and alleviate the delay of a contact form or a telephone answering system.

Track to Maximize Return

Many attorneys get frustrated with marketing campaign results, because they aren’t able to quantify them. If you aren’t tracking your efforts and their results, it is highly unlikely you will be able to gauge what campaigns are successes and which are not working in your favor. Some advertising is purely for brand expansion, and that is sufficient in and of itself. However, website traffic and conversions, Google PPC ads, social ads or YouTube leads should all be tracked. Maximizing your marketing efficiencies will help you gain a stronger return on investment and discourage any assumptions you are making regarding what marketing results you are getting.