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Your Law Firm’s Marketing Plan

Does your law firm have a marketing plan? If you are a law firm or an attorney who is looking to develop or increase your legal advertising & campaign efforts, there are key things to avoid in[...]


6 Keys to Ensuring Your Digital Marketing Efforts are Effective

No matter what kind of business you run or are a part of, you are in sales. Even as an attorney, you have a service to sell, so the same data that is important to retailers should be important to[...]


Top 3 Ways to Get More Referrals

Marketing can be labor-intensive and expensive, but referral marketing should be the opposite. Referrals will drive down your client acquisition costs because they are ultimately generated through[...]


Add Text to Chat for Your Law Firm

SMS Chat Functionality Now Available from Client Chat Live Text messaging is a fast-growing means of communication. According to CNN, one-third of Americans prefer texting over making voice calls,[...]


Cost Per Client Calculator: What is your marketing ROI?

HOW MUCH IS YOUR FIRM SPENDING TO GET A NEW CLIENT? To plan and budget effectively, you need at least a general idea of how much you could theoretically invest to gain a new client. Comparing this[...]


30 Cases in 90 Days

Working closely with one of our clients, we were able to determine that over a 90-day period their firm retained and signed 30 cases from leads received via Client Chat Live. These leads were a[...]


5 Essential PPC Tips for Law Firms

Pay Per Click (PPC) has become an invaluable marketing tool for law firms of all sizes. Today, attorneys can better reach a target audience through an array of PPC channels, including Google[...]


Chatbots vs. Humans: Which Chat Solution Is Right for My Business?

Chat services have quickly become a vital component to communication for businesses, as they offer customers a high degree of convenience, speed, and effectiveness. These beneficial tools not only[...]


Does Live Chat Appeal to Older Clients?

Live Chat Across Generations Live chat services have been implemented by a wide variety of businesses in recent years, and now they are the preferred method of contact for millions of consumers.[...]


5 Tips to Improve Your Attorney Bio

One of the most crucial marketing tools a lawyer has at their disposal is their online biography. When done well, a bio can help a prospective client ascertain your level of skill, experience, and[...]

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