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Intake Playbook: How to Handle Inbound Leads for Law Firms

A common mistake that law firms make is spending a lot of time and money on marketing but not enough on the intake process. However, the intake system at your practice can determine the quality[...]


5 Tips for Law Firms to Increase Potential Clients

No matter how much traffic your website attracts, all of that hard work will be for nothing if you cannot make conversions. A page’s conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to track,[...]


5 Ways Your Firm Can Prevent Losing Clients

There are times when people have a traumatic experience and realize they need legal help. When they’ve decided to contact an attorney, they don’t want to have to wait for a response from a law[...]


How to Find Personal Injury Clients

Today’s legal landscape is filled with many choices for potential clients to choose from when it comes to hiring an attorney. The amount of personal injury attorneys available in one area can be[...]


How to Get Personal Injury Cases

It may go without saying that most personal injury attorney’s goals are focused on creating more revenue. In general, this is most feasibly achieved by obtaining a higher volume of personal injury[...]


How to Get More Personal Injury Clients

With the abundance of billboards, bus stop bench ads, and bathroom stall advertisements we see on a daily basis, it is understandably difficult for an attorney to be seen in order to get more[...]


Personal Injury Marketing Ideas

Advertising in the world of personal injury law is no easy task. The competition is fierce and the landscape is crowded. Remaining relevant in the market in order to create more presence and[...]


Top 7 Marketing Mistakes Lawyers Make

Some law firms are great marketers, while others make some very serious mistakes. Here is our list of the top seven mistakes we see law firms make:


Get More Legal Clients with Live Chat

Law firms, like many businesses, are constantly seeking ways to get in front of potential clients and retain more business. With today’s competitive legal landscape, the market is a saturated[...]


How to Effectively Market Your Law Firm

Effectively marketing your law firm can pose a challenge if you are not aware of what it takes to adequately advertise in the legal community. It is something every attorney deals with at some[...]

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