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5 Essential PPC Tips for Law Firms

Pay Per Click (PPC) has become an invaluable marketing tool for law firms of all sizes. Today, attorneys can better reach a target audience through an array of PPC channels, including Google[...]


Chatbots vs. Humans: Which Chat Solution Is Right for My Business?

Chat services have quickly become a vital component to communication for businesses, as they offer customers a high degree of convenience, speed, and effectiveness. These beneficial tools not only[...]


Does Live Chat Appeal to Older Clients?

Live Chat Across Generations Live chat services have been implemented by a wide variety of businesses in recent years, and now they are the preferred method of contact for millions of consumers.[...]


5 Tips to Improve Your Attorney Bio

One of the most crucial marketing tools a lawyer has at their disposal is their online biography. When done well, a bio can help a prospective client ascertain your level of skill, experience, and[...]


3 Ways to Get More Clients After Hours

Today, law firms have an unprecedented number of tools and resources for customer service at their disposal. This has not only made the legal industry more competitive than ever but also changed[...]


How Avvo Works for Lawyers

Online lawyer directories are now some of the most popular resources for those searching for legal representation. While there are many websites that feature attorney listings, is the[...]


5 Ways Lawyers Can Attract More Clients

The Digital Age has ushered in dramatic shifts in how law firms conduct business. There is now an abundance of marketing tools and resources that have made the legal profession more competitive[...]


4 of the Best SEO Vendors for Law Firms

Tired of Getting Ripped Off by SEO Vendors? These Are 4 of the Best for Law Firms Law firms have been adopting digital marketing at an increasing rate in recent years, making the legal industry[...]


After the Click, Pt. 1: Optimizing the Intake Process for Law Firms

Congratulations! Your website just got a visitor. All the hours your law firm has put into website development, search engine optimization, and online advertising is paying off.


After the Click, Pt. 2: Determining Who at Your Firm Should Be Talking to Potential Clients

In part one of our “After the Click” series, we discussed how crucial it is for a law firm to optimize its intake process. When a potential client contacts your practice for the first time,[...]

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