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Are You Afraid to Be ‘Intrusive’ With Your Website Visitors?

Are you worried to incorporate interactive modals, like chats or pop-ups on your website? If so, it’s understandable. After all, many of us have an instinctual aversion to bothering or “intruding” on[...]


You Took 20 Minutes to Contact a New Potential Client? They’re Gone

When it comes to finding new leads for your law firm, you need to take advantage of every possible opportunity. That makes any in-bound leads especially important; if someone has taken the time to[...]


Your Potential Clients Want to Text You: Are You Available for Them?

Given how so much of the interactions in our culture have moved to digital spaces, it’s no wonder that many potential clients prefer to text or chat with law firms before hiring them. The data backs[...]


Client Chat Live will answer your Facebook Messages 24X7

Benefits of Client Chat Live for Facebook Messenger: CCL Agents are available 24x7 Respond faster to Facebook messages Improve Facebook marketing  and advertising results Add[...]


Closing Potential Client Consultations Remotely

With most of the country on lockdown due to coronavirus COVID-19, businesses of all kinds have felt the economic impact of this worldwide pandemic, including law firms and lawyers.


How Can I Get Referrals For My Law Firm During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Many Americans are presently working from home due to the coronavirus lockdown. Working remotely has many obvious benefits. Increased flexibility and less time commuting to and from work make working[...]


Is Your Law Firm Truly Client-Centric?

In the business world, Key Performance Indicators, otherwise known as “KPIs,” measure a company’s strength and success. A KPI can help explain how well a business or an individual is performing[...]


Are Elder Abuse Cases Increasing Due to the Coronavirus?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected approximately 4,500,000 people worldwide. Unfortunately, the virus has disproportionally affected older adults and elderly, mainly due to pre-existing[...]


Increased Demand For Wills and Estate Planning Attorneys

The recent coronavirus pandemic of COVID-19 has, unfortunately, forced many to realize how fleeting life can be. Since the pandemic began, millions of people across the country have begun to make[...]


Should My Law Firm Market for Business Interruption Cases?

The coronavirus COVID-19 has affected over four million people worldwide, and almost one and a half million people in the United States alone. For the public’s health and welfare, people have been[...]

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