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Five Tactics to Build a Trustworthy Law Firm Brand

When executed well, a law firm’s brand creates a trustworthy image of the firm, builds confidence with current and potential clients, and helps the firm stand out amongst the crowd. Branding is an[...]


Three Ways Availability Will Improve Client Experience

The internet generation ushered in a new wave of immediacy. Gone are the days when clients were willing to wait for five to seven business days for a response. This puts additional pressure on[...]


Making Your Law Firm’s Intake Super-Efficient

It’s safe to say that every law firm wants to be more efficient. Efficiency, or the time it takes to finish a particular task, is learned rather than innate. Therefore, improvement is certainly[...]


Top Legal Marketing Trends in 2021

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, competitive firms are constantly looking to attract potential clients and generate growth by identifying the latest trends. As the legal industry continues to[...]


Five Benefits of Adding Live Chat Software on Your Law Firm's Website

There are seemingly countless ways for people to communicate online today. Whether it is by email, texting, instant messaging, or video chat, communicating with others is easier than ever. Our[...]


Webinar Recording: Your Firm's Intake Process Will Determine When You Get Your Next Big Case

In case you missed our live Webinar, watch as Stephanie Chew Manor of Digital Law Marketing shares her knowledge of the importance of your firm's intake process.


Five Best Practices for Managing the Online Reputation of Your Law Firm

While TV ads, radio spots, billboards, and referrals can still get you cases, more and more prospective clients are looking online to find a lawyer. Your first impression with your next client will[...]


Webinar Recording: How Reviews Affect Local SEO for Law Firms

In case you missed our live Webinar, watch as Vincent Tittel of MileMark Media shares his knowledge of How Reviews Affect Local SEO for Law Firms. Learn about:


Four Must-Have Tools for Lawyers To Generate Leads

The growth and success of most law firms is largely determined by how well they market themselves. Growth is vital in the legal industry, as it is in other highly-competitive fields. If your firm is[...]


Top Strategies For Building Effective Relationships With Your Legal Clients

As an attorney, you are committed to helping clients. But do they know that? Building effective client relationships is essential for having a successful, client-focused firm.

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