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How To Create A Content Strategy To Get Clients

How to Create a Content Strategy to Convert Clicks Into Clients

Personal injury law firms understand that they operate in a competitive space. Any time you search on the internet for a PI law firm, you may get dozens of results for your area. So how do you distinguish your firm and rise above the rest? One essential piece of the puzzle is to have a content strategy focused on getting clients and not just clicks.

When you’re developing a content strategy, these tips can help you turn visitors into clients:

Use Keywords Tied to Search Terms

Everyone searches differently. We use different words for certain topics, specific services, or even when describing where we need help. For example, one potential client may use the term "personal injury lawyer burn" to search for personal injury lawyers who focus on burn cases in their area. In contrast, another potential client may use a phrase such as, "serious burn attorney San Antonio." Although no system can perfectly capture every way that people search, you can use certain keywords in your content to help your website appear at the top of the results.

By reviewing common searches in your area and leveraging analytics from sites such as Google, you can understand the common keywords people use when searching for a personal injury lawyer. You can see where common searches line up with your practice areas, and you can also see where there may be gaps in the information offered by firms. By understanding what keywords people are looking for, and where you can use them, you can create effective content that will draw potential clients to your website.

Coming Up With Effective Content

As part of a content strategy, you’ll need to determine what content you’ll need to convert visitors into clients. To do this, you’ll need to understand the needs of the people visiting your site. Are they seeking information about your firm? Are they seeking information about personal injury laws in your area? Are they trying to understand the individual steps in a personal injury case? They may even have questions you never anticipated.

So, don’t make assumptions about what potential clients want. Talk with your clients to understand what worked about your website and what didn't. Seek feedback on your content's effectiveness and make sure you're addressing the information needs of those who could, or do, visit your website. By tailoring your content to what potential clients are looking for, you’ll draw in and convert more people.

Talk to Your Audience

When you’re developing content, you always need to remember that you are talking to a specific person with a specific goal. In the case of a personal injury law firm, you are likely talking to an individual who has suffered an injury and is seeking legal advice. When strategizing content, understand that tone, focus, and content all interact.

Another important point about talking to your audience is to engage with them in a way that works for them. When people are scheduling an initial meeting, some people may prefer the phone while others may prefer the convenience and speed of chat. As part of your content strategy, remember that every time you communicate with a visitor, you are addressing an audience of one, so develop content and provide options to talk with them on their terms.

Put the Users’ Needs First

When organizations develop content strategies, they often forget a simple rule: keep your potential clients’ needs in mind. Business owners may make assumptions about what their users want, how they’ll interact with content, and what the outcome will be. They develop a content strategy that works for them and not for the potential clients they're trying to reach.

Remember that you are not your client. Always keep the needs of potential clients at the top of your mind. Strategize content that will serve their needs and drive engagement.

What’s Unique About Your Firm?

As we mentioned earlier, when you search for a personal injury law firm in a specific area, you may receive dozens of results. If you run a search like this, what draws you to specific websites? The answer is often the unique value of a firm.

When you're strategizing content, you need to think about more than the basics. Many personal injury law firms offer experienced lawyers, but too few communicate what makes their lawyers unique. Perhaps your firm features lawyers who were born and raised in the area, or perhaps your firm has unique training or credentials that you could highlight. As part of your content strategy, think about the unique value that your firm brings to the table, then make sure it's integrated into your content.

You Need a Call to Action

As part of your content, you need to motivate potential clients to reach out to you. An effective call to action can help. It can communicate what makes your firm special and how you are uniquely positioned to help solve a potential client’s problem. Any call to action should consider what they are looking for, what would motivate them to reach out to you, and then give them convenient and responsive channels for contacting you.

On the last point, your call to action must point out how potential clients could contact you, including chat, online forms, or phone. If visitors are motivated to reach out but then must hunt for contact information, you could lose them. As part of your content strategy, ensure that any potential clients are motivated and equipped to reach you.

Convert Clicks into Clients

An effective content strategy is key to a successful personal injury law firm. If you’re trying to build your firm and convert visitors into clients, let Client Chat Live help. With chat features, customization, and professional chat operations 24/7, we can help. For more information, call us at (808) 495-0231, contact us through our online form, or chat with us on our website now.