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Get More Legal Clients with Live Chat

Law firms, like many businesses, are constantly seeking ways to get in front of potential clients and retain more business. With today’s competitive legal landscape, the market is a saturated place and clients have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to hiring an attorney. One effective way an attorney to get more potential clients and create business, is to implement a Live Chat system within their website. A Live Chat system is an infrastructure that can be added into your website that provides an option to talk with a representative or whoever the law firm chooses, in real time. A small box pops up asking the website visitor if they would like more help with their legal issue or have questions they would like answered. This functionality can be helpful in assisting attorneys to get more legal clients in a variety of ways.

Instant Connection to Clients

When someone is looking to hire an attorney, depending on their legal matter, the majority of people are usually seeking instant gratification and answers to their questions. A Live Chat system puts a law firm right in front of clients instantly, as they are online searching for answers or researching a law firm. Rather than waiting to see if clients call or submit a contact form, a law firm can prompt an instant conversation with them as they are on their site and researching. Potential clients will appreciate not having to scroll through or read an entire website to ultimately find what they are looking for, or even worse, not find what they are looking for. A law firm that has a paralegal, legal assistant or outsourced representative on the line to connect with them can alleviate a website visitor’s frustrations or impatience with answers they are trying to find.

Set More Appointments

An effective way to get clients to hire your firm is to set an appointment in order to discuss their legal matter personally. A Live Chat system can help you capture a website visitor’s email address and phone number so you can contact them at a later time. However, it is even more beneficial if you can set appointments directly through the Live Chat session. Live Chat conversations encourage clients to come into the office and increases accountability to attend their scheduled appointment. Even if the client does not show up for their scheduled meeting you have already collected their contact information and you can easily follow up with them via phone or email. A Live Chat system adds an additional way for you to connect with clients and ultimately set more appointments which will in turn result in building a bigger client base.

Don’t Lose Clients to Lag Time

Our societal generation expects instant gratification both online and offline. Potential clients researching online especially expect to find the answers they are looking for or to connect with someone who will answer their questions. Your website should ultimately be valuable and informative for visitors however, if they have further questions a Live Chat system would provide instant connection and gratification. This type of infrastructure helps alleviate any lag time that perhaps a call system or online form submission creates. Oftentimes, these methods of communication create lag time considering they have to be sifted through and responded to. A Live Chat system would discourage website visitors to leave your website if they weren’t finding what they were looking for and going to one of your competitor’s websites.