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Do Online Reviews Affect My Law Firm's Revenue?

Do Online Reviews Affect My Law Firm's Revenue?

The answer is yes.

As more commerce moves online, people expect more information about businesses to be online, too. People often turn to sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook when deciding whether to become a customer. The same is true for law firms. People want to learn about other people's experiences and opinions of firms before they commit.

The Effects of Positive Reviews

In the legal field, people understand the importance of reputation and how it drives a firm’s success. A good reputation in your area can lead to more inquiries, more referrals, and more conversions from visitors to clients. However, when people aren’t familiar with your firm, they’ll seek out information on your reputation through the online resources that they know.

Positive reviews can help build your online reputation and provide a great first impression for potential clients. Although potential clients will look at your website, they'll also look at third-party websites to get the full picture of client experiences with your firm. In many practice areas, when people are looking for a lawyer, it may be the first time they've sought legal assistance. Positive reviews can be an essential part of converting them from website visitors to clients.

Another way that positive reviews can help build revenue is by building trust and relationships. Positive reviews provide you, and the public, information on what clients liked about your practice. Reviews also give you ways to respond. When clients leave you a positive review, you can acknowledge their review and thank them. When potential clients see positive reviews combined with a response, they’re more likely to trust you and your firm.

The Effects of Negative Reviews

Like positive reviews, negative reviews can have a significant impact on your firm. When people see a negative review, your online reputation is hurt, and people may be less likely to give your firm a shot. However, you can reduce the impact of negative reviews by patiently and thoughtfully responding to negative feedback. A negative review can be an opportunity for you to show the public that you care about providing great service.

How Can You Manage Your Google Reviews?

The best way to manage your Google reviews is to be active and engaged with the system. A few ways to manage your reviews include:

Gather reviews. Make sure that people who are engaged with your firm are going online and leaving reviews. Using automated systems, you can easily ask clients for reviews via email and text.

Monitor your online reviews. Keep your eye on your online reputation! Too many firms don’t monitor their reviews and may end up losing business. Always be aware of the types and number of reviews that you’re getting.

Take steps to remove fake or mistaken reviews. Some reviews may be fakes, so it’s important to monitor your reviews and take steps to remove frauds. Other reviews may be left for you and your firm by mistake, particularly if you have a similar law firm name to another one in the area.

Respond to reviews. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, it’s always worth responding to them. It shows the public and clients that you’re engaged with your reputation and that you care.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

When you encourage customers and clients to leave reviews, you’re building a transparent and honest picture of your firm. The fact of the matter is that when you don’t encourage customers to leave reviews, it’s often those with negative things to say who make their voices heard. By encouraging everyone to leave reviews, you’ll provide a more trustworthy and accurate picture to potential clients.

Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews

No matter what the review says, it’s important to respond.

When people see a negative review, they expect to see your response and your efforts to understand or resolve the issue. If they don’t see a response, they may assume that you don’t care. Negative reviews without a response can severely hurt your online reputation.

When people see a positive review, they also like to see a response. Your response shows that you appreciate the review and that you’re engaged with your clients. It helps build trust and reassures potential clients that you care about outcomes.

Reviews Matter

Online reviews for law firms are growing more important every day. If you need to manage your online reviews, Client Chat Live can help. With our hassle-free reviews service, we can help you get the online reviews you need. Call us today at (808) 495-0231, contact us through our online form, or chat with us online.