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Are You Afraid to Be ‘Intrusive’ With Your Website Visitors?

Are you worried to incorporate interactive modals, like chats or pop-ups on your website? If so, it’s understandable. After all, many of us have an instinctual aversion to bothering or “intruding” on potential customers.

It’s important to consider, however that at heart, pop-ups are one marketing tool among many potential options at your disposal. And like any tool, how and where they’re used can make a significant difference in their effectiveness. You wouldn’t use a jackhammer to perform surgery, or a scalpel to break concrete.

Today, we’ll show you how properly integrated pop-ups – including live chat services – with less obtrusive designs can be a major asset to your law firm. Contact Client Chat Live today to learn more about how we can help turn visitors to your website into paying clients. But first, a question:

Why have a website at all, let alone pop-ups?

It’s important to understand this question before digging into the “why” and “how” of website pop-ups. Your website exists for one reason. It turns browsers first into leads and then, hopefully, clients. It’s a marketing platform, through and through, so everything on it must serve this purpose.

Does that mean that you need to clutter your webpages with obnoxious ads or poorly written copy? Of course not. But it does mean that you need to take advantage of the tools available to help you achieve your goals. And the data is pretty unequivocal that …

Pop-ups are effective, even if they’re sometimes irksome.

Some blogs claim that you can get a 300 percent boost in conversions with the right website pop-ups, but you should be wary of these figures. These claims often feature outlier websites that were already bleeding traffic for other reasons, making more effective techniques seem astronomically effective. More thorough, reasonable estimates do back up the general theory that pop-ups help conversions.

Depending on the source you use and the particular design of the pop-up in question, chat modals can provide conversion rates of around five percent, sometimes as high as 10 percent. Reliable sources report that live chat pop-ups can earn conversion rates of up to 20 percent. Compare either of those figures to the average mass email conversion rate of around two to three percent, and you’ll see the distinct advantages of pop-ups and live chat.

What About the Google 2017 Update?

As you may have heard, Google changed its algorithm in 2017 to penalize websites for using certain kinds of pop-ups. The keywords here are “certain kinds.” The algorithm doesn’t penalize all pop-ups. It was designed mostly to penalize ads on mobile pages because pop-ups take up a lot of page space, blocking out ads that advertisers paid money to Google to run. Generally speaking, desktop pop-ups aren’t directly penalized by Google’s search algorithm, but they can impact your SEO in other ways.

The Appeal of Live Chat for Website Visitors and Law Firms

Studies show that more than half of customers would prefer to use live chat rather than call a company for support. Why is that?

The biggest draw for many live chat users is that it’s immediate. Customers can get a response within minutes, compared to the hours or days it might take with a phone call, email, or social media post. If you use a live chat service instead of a chatbot, customers get the personalized interaction they expect while resolving their issue in a timely manner.

If users don’t like filling out web forms, they can use the live chat service instead. It’s no wonder live chat enjoys a higher customer satisfaction rating than email or making a phone call.

Live chat offers a proactive, effective way for law firms to engage potential clients. You can easily collect the visitors’ contact information for follow-up calls or transfer the contact directly to your office to make an appointment. Either way, you’ll have valuable leads from people you know are already interested in your services.

If you’re ready to realize the true sales potential of your law firm’s website, contact Client Chat Live today by calling (808) 495-0231, emailing, visiting our contact page, or clicking on the chat box in your browser.