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Ad Competition Has Never Been Lower – Take Advantage for Your Business

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Many families, communities, and industries have had to adjust to a new normal, and it’s sometimes hard to predict which adjustments we’ll have to make next. As for businesses, the way they choose to respond to the changing needs and habits of the people will pave the way for their continued growth through this crisis.

People’s immediate needs are rapidly changing, and thus, their Google searches are rapidly changing. Adjusting to the public’s needs and paying attention to advertising trends will help your business stay ahead of the curve as you navigate these unprecedented circumstances. Strategic use of advertising during this time can provide a real opportunity to make a difference for your business and for the people you serve.

How People are Searching

It’s no surprise that, currently, coronavirus-related Google searches far surpass any other search category. Interestingly, these searches are spiking early in the morning and late at night. That goes to show that we are waking up and going to sleep thinking about the various effects COVID-19 has on how we exist. However, not all trending searches are about the disease itself. Many people are searching in ways that show their interest in how COVID-19 is affecting business.

In response to this phenomenon, Google has launched the Google Trends Coronavirus Hub. This tool tracks new trending searches as they develop and branch off the topic of COVID-19. Current trending topics include questions about student loans, free college courses, and even elective surgeries.

Though many companies are scaling back advertising spending, these trending searches present an opportunity to take advantage of new web hot spots. By taking advantage of paid advertising spaces now, you can remain top-of-mind as your potential customers navigate the web way more often than they normally would. After all, we are spending way more time at home than we normally would.

U.S. Advertising Spending is Predicted to Drastically Drop

According to research by eMarketer, advertising spending is predicted to come in at roughly six to eight billion dollars less than what was originally predicted for the first half of this year. The travel industry is expected to take the biggest hit, but other industries will continue to scale back as well. It’s no secret that the ad competition will continue to decrease as this pandemic continues to alter the way we do daily life.

While some business owners are seeing this pandemic as a time to cut advertising costs, you can choose to see it as an opportunity to reach your potential clients in a whole new way. Take advantage of advertising to reach them in new spaces and let them know you’re there for them through this difficult time. They will remember that you did as we continue to recover from this crisis.

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